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What is BizTapp?

BizTapp matches the competences and needs of your employees instantly. The latest AI technology and data security are the foundation for our innovative match-making, powered by a user-friendly SaaS solution.

FIND & BE FOUND: Get insights into and leverage the entire skillset of employees – BizTapp activates the full workforce potential!

Mind Your Gaps

1 %

do not apply AI for cost reduction and employee efficiency

1 %

increased costs for  headhunting in the past five years

1 %

are not confident that their HR departments are up to speed

Our Product

AI-Matching System

State-of-the-Art technology to match employee “bios” according to their career aspirations, existing knowledge and individual skill-sets with suitable projects, people, and teams.

First-hand & secure data

First-hand individual data that users want to share. High security standards and hosting in the cloud for maximum control over IP and data (GDPR conform).

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Uncomplicated and easy to use standalone software, directly accessible in the browser without other requirements.

Why BizTapp?


Activate a company-wide unified workforce of all employees' potentials and create new synergies within the entire company.

Networking opportunities

Intra-company networks expand rapidly while people gain the opportunity to find relevant contacts they would never have met otherwise.

Knowledge overview

Access to deeper insights and structured employee data of the known and especially untapped skills in the organisation.

Break down silos

Knowledge gaps are closed, while visibility of employee know-how can be applied in new teams, future projects and tasks.


Hiring waves and extensive headhunter costs are a thing of the past - Intelligent internal networking is the new normal.


Business units, divisions, and GEOs can be flexed very quickly due to insights of gaps and potential gap fillers to realize the strategy.

What people say?


The next wave of efficiency is about knowledge, knowledge to bring speed in innovation. Knowledge becomes the prime asset for any organization. To harvest this you need an actual overview of people's skills, capabilities, interests & passions. This is no rocket science, but this source of data will lead to better teams and the optimal utilization of the collective knowledge available.
Wiljo Verbruggen
Chairman Of The Board at Optiply
Unlock the potential hidden in your most important asset - your employees!
BizTapp will help you gain competitive advantages by best using in-house skills and available knowledge to the fullest potential to staff teams and positions in today's rapidly changing world.

Sven Schulte
Sales Program Manager at Vanderlande
I met Biztapp in Singapore through the German Accelerator Startup Program and was impressed with their purpose of improving human understanding with technology. The use cases are very diverse and the founders are evidently committed yet open to finding a problem worth solving.

Elena Chow
Founder of ConnectOne, HR Talent Consulting for StartUps in SEA

Who we are

Dominik Klaus

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Henrik Engstrom

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Edgar Barbosa

Chief of Technology & Development


Tech lead &
Data Scientist

Manuel Walentin

Co-Founder & Finance Lead

Felix Wolberg

Strategy & Marketing Lead

Soha Abdelaziz

Backend Developer & Tech

Martim Pinto da Silva

Data Scientist


Frequently asked questions and answers

The platform can be used in any larger organisation and industry, and offers numerous scaling possibilities. Within an organisation, BizTapp is particularly useful for networking, interdisciplinary team formation, and knowledge sharing.

BizTapp’s human-centric approach does not focus on documented knowledge. We enable to connect people based on their know-how, objectives and interests, thus re-defining collaboration within organisations.

No. BizTapp is a standalone SaaS solution. It can easily be used with your browser without any download or further tools needed.

2016 the seed  was planted. After ideation and analyzing the future need within organizations, Dominik founded the company in 2018. Potentials in the market continued to be tested and with the co-founder joining, the team increased quickly. In 2020 further iterations took place and the SaaS model was refined. Finally in 2021, the BizTapp roll-out was initiated and the company is growing  its size and customer base.

Customers pay a monthly fee with a flexible contract. We are happy to engage with you and discuss an individual offer.



Sponsors & Cooperation Partners

Amazon AWS
German Accelerator


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